Jacob McMahon Announces Campaign for Erie County Legislator


May 6, 2019

Jacob McMahon Announces Campaign for Erie County Legislator

U.S. Marine says, “I believe in public service, not self service. I’m running to return the office to the people”

Grand Island, NY – Jacob McMahon, U.S. Marine, and Grand Island native is running for Erie County Legislator in the 4th District. “I believe in public service, not self service,” said McMahon. “I’m running to put taxpayers first in Erie County.”

Coming from a long line of military and public service, Jacob grew up in a patriotic household and learned honor and loyalty first hand from his father who retired after serving 26 years in the US Air Force. Inspired by true leaders, Jacob McMahon enlisted early at 17 years old, to proudly serve the country he loves.

After serving honorably overseas, Jacob returned to train new US Marines as Fire Team Leader in Camp Pendleton, California. In a training exercise gone awry, an ignited gas leak left Jacob McMahon with extensive and severe burns to his face, neck, and hands. After four weeks in the hospital and six months of care from home, including full reconstruction of his hands, wrists, face, and neck, Jacob made a strong recovery. While mentally and physically fit, Jacob could not be approved for field work and was given a medical release with an honorable discharge from his military service. Returning to Grand Island, Jacob McMahon immediately joined the Grand Island Volunteer Firefighters to continue serving his community, inspired by the first responders who had acted so bravely to save his life.

“I believe in service; that we have a duty to our community to protect our home and make things better for the people around us. Because I can no longer serve my country, I want to continue now by serving my community. When I told my friends that I was coming back to Buffalo they asked me why – why go back to a state where the Second Amendment is oppressed, where jobs are hard to come by, and where the taxes and regulations kill growth. But this is my home. I believe home is worth fighting for.”

The 4th Legislative District covers the town of Grand Island, as well as the City and Town of Tonawanda. Jacob McMahon is endorsed by the Republican, Independence, and Conservative Parties and is running on a platform of lower taxes, stronger infrastructure, and people before politics.      



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