Kevin Hardwick Favors Licenses for Illegal Immigrants


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June 6, 2019
Contact: 716-525-5170

Kevin Hardwick Favors Licenses for Illegal Immigrants
Kevin Hardwick voted with the Democratic Conference to block a resolution which would have opposed Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

Grand Island, NY – Statement from Jacob McMahon, U.S. Marine, and Grand Island native running for Erie County Legislator in the 4th District.

“I believe in the rule of law, and the taxpayers of this community deserve a legislator who will support the rule-followers, not the rule breakers. After having been a lifelong Republican, Kevin Hardwick has found himself quite at home with Mark Poloncarz and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. In session today, Kevin carried his new Party’s water again – this time helping them support giving Licenses to Illegal Immigrants in Erie County.

Currently the Green Light NY bill is being rushed through the NYS Assembly, along with a sister bill in the State Senate that would give Governor Andrew Cuomo the authority to throw out democratically elected county clerks who disagree with this legislation.

Today Kevin Hardwick chose to accept the status quo, and blocked the resolution opposing drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.”


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