Former US Marine Jacob McMahon criticizes Legislator Kevin Hardwick for his 9/11 Political Fundraiser

Tonawanda, NY – Former US Marine Jacob McMahon criticized Democrat Legislator Kevin Hardwick for hosting a Fundraiser for himself on September 11th.

“Kevin Hardwick should know better than to promote himself on 9/11 for a political fundraiser. Either he forgot this national day of remembrance, or he knew and decided to push ahead anyways. It’s a day to honor the lives lost, and the fact that someone would celebrate and promote their self interest points to why Kevin is out of touch with the people of this district. He should know better,” said Jacob McMahon.

Democrat Kevin Hardwick announced his fundraiser through his campaign Facebook page to be held on September 11, 2019 to support his own re-election. Jacob McMahon is a former US Marine who enlisted early at age 17 and served in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the Diplomatic Mission to Bahrain. He was honorably discharged after suffering severe burns sustained in the line of duty. Jacob McMahon is running against Kevin Hardwick for the 4th legislative seat which includes the Town of Tonawanda, the City of Tonawanda, and Grand Island.