About Jacob McMahon

Jacob McMahon is running for Erie County Legislature because he believes it’s time to return honor, honesty, and integrity to public service. Constituents must come first, and Jacob McMahon will always put them over special interests, shady backroom deals, and party bosses. A US Marine, Volunteer Firefighter, and proud son of Grand Island now returned home, Jacob McMahon is running for Erie County’s 4th Legislative District.

Coming from a long line of military and public service, Jacob grew up in a patriotic household and learned honor and loyalty first hand from his father who retired after serving 26 years in the US Air Force. Inspired by these true leaders, Jacob McMahon enlisted early at 17 years old, to proudly serve the country he loves.

After scoring a near perfect 97 on the Military Aptitude test, he chose to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. Jacob served two overseas tours. After being assigned to the Marine Corps Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team in Norfolk, VA, he was sent on his first overseas tour to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, providing external security to the installation in 2015. Jacob’s second tour was in Bahrain, where he worked counter terrorism and reinforced security to US Diplomatic Missions in the Middle East (CENTCOM AO).

After serving honorably overseas, Jacob returned to train new US Marines as Fire Team Leader in Camp Pendleton, California. In a training exercise gone awry, an ignited natural gas leak left Jacob McMahon with extensive and severe second degree burns to his face, neck, and hands. After four weeks in the hospital and six months of care from home, including full reconstruction of his hands, wrists, face and neck, Jacob made a strong recovery. Unfortunately, while mentally and physically fit, Jacob could not be approved for field work and was given a medical release with an honorable discharge from his military service.

Before & After:
Jacob McMahon made
a full recovery after
full reconstruction of
his hands, wrists, face and neck.

Returning to Grand Island, Jacob McMahon immediately joined the Grand Island Volunteer Firefighters to continue serving his community, inspired by first responders who had acted so bravely to save his life.

Jacob McMahon and his dog Liberty live in Grand Island, NY

Jacob McMahon grew up on Grand Island, graduating from Grand Island High School. He has returned to Grand Island because he believes that Western New York is home to good people with strong principles. McMahon is running for Erie County’s 4th Legislative District which covers the Town and City of Tonawanda and Grand Island. Despite economic hardships, this is his home, and Jacob McMahon is ready to fight for the prosperity of his community.